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OnLive’s gaming service now live on Android. Stream console games to your device.

We knew this day was coming for quite some time even seeing it already running on a Motorola Xoom back during E3 2011. OnLive’s gaming service is now fully available for Android devices which means, through the app, you will be able to stream console games right to your Android device.

Not only can you stream console quality games like L.A Noir but some of them have been revamped to include touch controls. So for those of you worried that you would not be able to use the service without their Universal Remote, have no fear, you still can use the service itself and play a lot of the games using touch controls. You’ll be able to play all the games as demos right away before purchasing any of them. Of course you’ll enjoy everything better with a controller depending on the games you like to play.


OnLive Features:

  • On Demand Gaming – No big downloads, no limits on performance. With OnLive, gamers have instant access to console-class games, running on OnLive’s powerful servers in the cloud, and streaming video to your tablet or phone. You can start playing a high-end game within seconds of signing on. Even if you don’t own any games, OnLive provides free demos of nearly all games offered on the service.
  • Access Everywhere – Play OnLive games anywhere, anytime on almost any OnLive-compatible device, whether tablet, phone, TV or computer. Your games, saves and user profile are always stored in the cloud so you start a game on one device, and continue where you left off on another—even multiplayer gameplay is cross-platform. Build your library without taking up any space on your Android device.
  • Unique Game Platform Experiences – Watch live games being played worldwide in OnLive’s exclusive massive spectating Arena, find your friends and set up multiplayer matches, or post Brag Clip™ videos of your greatest moments to your OnLive profile or Facebook wall. With OnLive you never have to worry about game updates, backups or the performance capabilities of your local device.
  • Play with Touch or OnLive Wireless Controller – Play OnLive’s growing library of touch-compatible games on your Android tablet or phone, or get the Universal OnLive Wireless Controller (check compatibility list above) at for a full hands-on console experience compatible with most OnLive games.


For games that haven’t been revamped yet for touch controls, there is a custom solution available that will emulator the touch screen to act as a mouse and keyboard or joystick. Some games, however, just won’t be able to be played on a phone or tablet but for the most part OnLive excepts most of it’s current library and future titles to be playable on mobile devices. The OnLive app is free to download and register for so we won’t stop you any longer, go get it and get ready for game reviews of OnLive titles coming shortly from us!

On a side note: When you log in for the first time you will receive the Lego Batman game for free. It doesn’t show up right away though. It will show up within 24hours of signing in but most people are saying it’s about 30 minutes before it actually shows up.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

Developer Website: OnLive

Android Market Link: OnLive

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