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Day 4 of Google’s 10 billion downloads $0.10 promo. New titles are available.

Well it’s Day 4 into Google’s 10 day celebration of 10 billion downloads on the Android Market and we have a whole new selection of titles available for a measly dime. Yesterday’s selection wasn’t too bad but today’s list of available games and app for $0.10 is pretty stellar.

So without further delay, here are today’s $0.10 games and apps. Actually it’s pretty much mostly games which happens to be good news for us.


Let me just point out here that Game Dev Story is only $0.10 today as is Sentinel 3: Homeworld and Jelly Defense. If you are going to be buying any of these titles in the list, seriously consider those three as Game Dev Story alone will provide an amazing amount of gameplay hours for you. Enjoy!

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