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Day 6 of Google’s 10 billion downloads promo. Yet again more new games and apps available.

Today is yet another day in Google’s massive 10 billion downloads promo where they are celebrating with some developers by offering up games and apps for only a dime. There are a bunch of new titles available on the Android Market for this sale.

So without further delay, here are today’s 10 apps/games that are on sale for $0.10. Currently we only have 8 of them found so far with two others showing up as repeats which happen to be Great Little War Game and Endomondo, although we think this is just carrying over and not the last two new titles to go on sale.



We don’t know just yet what the last two are. If you happen to know, let us know in the comments so we can add them to the list. Right now the last two spots are filled with Great Little War Game and Endomondo for some reason and are not new titles.

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