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Microsoft releases the Halo Waypoint companion app with ATLAS onto Android

The headline may sound weird as we are talking about Microsoft releasing something onto the Android Market and not referring to any lawsuits but rest assured it is correct. Microsoft has released the Halo Waypoint application onto the Android Market which comes with the ATLAS service for Halo: Reach.

The Halo Waypoint app is a companion application for your Android device that features ATLAS which will give users near real-time statistics for their Halo: Reach account. It will also come with player data and tactical guidance which includes things like detailed multiplayer maps for Halo: Reach, weapon and vehicle spawn points for Matchmaking and Firefight games. It will also come with player, weapon, and vehicle locations in custom multiplayer games.

You will have direct access to your Waypoint Career progress as well as all of your Halo: Reach stats, including game history, campaign progress and stats by weapons and enemies. You can stay in contact with your Halo friends on Xbox LIVE no matter where you are.

Speaking about Xbox Live friends, you will also be able to create custom challenges and invite your friends on Xbox Live to try and complete them by being ables to pick a game type, a goal like Kills or Headshots, a time limit and an amount. Then you just send the invite out and your friends can try and complete your custom challenge.

If you happen to play Halo: Reach and want to nab this little companion application, you can do so for free off the Android Market.

Developer Website: Halo Xbox Live Website

Android Market Link: Halo Waypoint

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