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One more game from G5 Entertainment now available for the Kindle Fire. A second one coming this week.

G5 Entertainment has been steadily throwing their weight behind the Kindle Fire Android tablet from Amazon. They have been steadily optimizing all their games currently available on the Android Market for the Kindle Fire and have just added two more titles to their line-up for Amazon’s rather popular device.

Special Enquiry Detail: The Hand that Feeds

The first title, which was added midway through last week, is called Special Enquiry Detail which is their hidden objects game which follows a storyline of corruption and murder where you will be playing as New York detectives Turino and Lamonte who are investigating a heinous death of the daughter of wealthy benefactors. It’s your job to help solve the case.



  • 12 Intriguing chapters
  • 30 Realistic locations
  • 25 Thrilling mini-games
  • Exciting storyline


Special Enquiry Detail is dynamic in it’s content creation which means you can play this title over and over and evidence will appear it different locations during consecutive play sessions. It comes in two flavors on the Amazon App Store, a free version to try out and the full version which is available for $4.99.

Amazon Market Link: Special Enquiry Detail

Stand O’ Food

The second title is actually not available just yet. It will be released for the Kindle Fire on December 15th and is a time management game called Stand O’ Food where you will need to fill orders as fast as you can to keep the customers happy. This is the first part in the Stand O’ Food series of games. As you progress through the game you will be earning cash which you can turn around and spend on more condiments and better equipment.



  • 2 Gameplay modes: Quest and Lunch Rush
  • More than 100 levels
  • 80+ sandwiches to create
  • Close to 20 upgrades to purchase


Stand O’ Food is a pretty big game with lots of fast-paced challenge content. When it is released on December 15th, it will come with a free version to try out like usual and the full version will be available for the regular $4.99 price tag.

Developer Website: G5 Entertainment

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