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PSA: Beware of Logastrod and their cloned games. They are malware.

A developer going by the name of Logastrod has taken cloning popular games to a whole new level. Not only has this developer cloned a lot of the currently popular games out right now for Android, right down to the copy/pasting of descriptions from the actual games, but they also contain malware apparently.

According to some comments in the Android Market for this guy’s cloned games, people who are downloading their titles are being charged upwards of almost $20 by charging you through premium texts. The texts are notifications that the user has been charged around $5 but you end up getting 3-4 of them in one shot. A free download just became a $20 purchase. People looking at Logastrod’s titles should know they are obviously fake considering what games he has cloned.

Titles such as Cut The Rope Free, World of Goo, Shoot the Birds, Assassin’s Creed and many more very popular titles have been cloned, their descriptions copy and pasted to look like the real deal. However, they are not. Do not download any of them or you may end up getting charged a fair chunk of change. Logastrod did a poor job with some of them such as Assassin’s Creed which features the Cut The Rope icon in the market even though it is showing screenshots of the actual game.

So just a heads up to everyone. Do not download anything from a developer named Logastrod. Instead just flag each title so we can get them removed from the Android Market and be sure to spread the word and save other people some pain. Even if they didn’t contain maleware, they are blatant rip-offs of the real games. Thanks to Android Police for the heads up via their Twitter Account.

Website Referenced: Android Police (Twitter)

Developer Profile: Logastrod (for flagging purposes)

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