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Sunday Morning Fun: Hit physics-based puzzle game, Cut The Rope, gets a little cartoon of it’s own

A couple of days ago Zeptolabs, developers of the very popular physics-based puzzle game Cut The Rope, released a neat little cartoon featuring the game’s main character On Nom. So we figured for a bit of fun we would post it here as part of your Sunday morning cartoons. Admit it, you still watch cartoons every morning don’t you?

Saturday and Sunday morning cartoons are always a great way to start the day back when we were kids. Sometimes that still slips out and we end up watching one or two shows here and there. Well today we are providing you with one featuring On Nom from Cut The Rope. Whether this will be an ongoing series or not from Zeptolabs remains to be seen but here you go. Something to watch, perhaps with your kids while you drink your morning coffee today.

Website Referenced: YouTube

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