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Angry Birds turns 2 years old. Gets updated with new levels and more.

So just a few days ago Rovio’s now world dominating, life infiltrating, time devouring physics-based puzzle game Angry Birds was released. Since then it has been download more than 500 million times in total across all the platforms it’s available on. To celebrate it’s 2 year birthday, Rovio has released an update that comes with a few neat things.

First of all, the update brings some new levels for you to play. What good update would be without new levels right? So with this update there are fifteen new levels available to play in the original Angry Birds game. Not a whole lot but any new levels is better than no new levels. However, that is certainly not the only thing that came with the update.

Also included in the update are all new special achievements for the new fifteen levels that have just arrived. Rovio seems to have found out that people love to try and get all the achievements in a game when they started adding them with Angry Birds Rio. So now the original Angry Birds has new achievements for you to hunt down and accomplish with the new levels.

Last but not least, in the update Rovio has unlocked all the previous episodes inside Angry Birds so you can now access everything up to now. So if you were stuck on a level and couldn’t get by it to play other ones in other episodes, now you can.

So what’s in store for Angry Birds in the coming 2012 season? According to Rovio they have about 4 new games in development that will feature the irritated birds according to PocketGamers. One rumor we did hear about awhile back was an Angry Birds game but from the perspective of the pigs and not the birds. Whether this comes true or not remains to be seen. There was also a rumor of a Mario Kart style of game featuring both the birds and the pigs as well. Either way, expect more Angry Birds related products and games to come dominate your life in 2012 including that movie Rovio has been planning on making.

To see the ten milestones Angry Birds broke in their short two years they have been out, hit up the link to PocketGamers below.

Developer Website: Rovio

Website Referenced: PocketGamers

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