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Day 7 of Google’s 10 billion downloads promo. Here are today’s new titles.

So we only have a few more days left in this promotion Google is putting on to celebrate 10 billion downloads on the Android Market. Today is Day 7 of the 10 day promo sale and once again we have a selection of new titles that will only cost your a shiny new dime.

So today we see 8 new titles available for a dime with 2 more repeats as well which happened yesterday as well. These new titles are:


The repeats are Soundhound and Beautiful Widgets which are both really good so if you happened to miss them the first time they were a dime, you can nab them now. It will be interesting to see if Google goes out with a bang for Day 10 of the promo. So far every day has been pretty awesome regarding the selection of games and apps for $0.10 except Saturday’s which was a bit on the weak side, not that we are complaining of course.

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