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EA releases the classic game of Monopoly onto the Android Market

EA has come around to finally release the classic board game of Monopoly onto the Android Market. It comes complete with some pretty nice 3D visuals and contains all the rules and pieces you would find in the actual board game itself.

While we won’t go in-depth about Monopoly here since just about everyone on the face of the planet has played this board game at least once, there are a few things to note about this particular release onto the Android Market. While this does comes with some nice 3D visuals and all the game pay mechanics you would find in the actual board game itself, you can also challenge friends to a game of Monopoly. If you don’t feel like being the social butterfly that you are, you can always play against computer opponents on one of three different difficulty settings.


For all the good EA seems to have done with bringing Monopoly over to Android, apparently this game does not support tablets. So while you can have all the fun in the world playing it on your Android phone, if you have a tablet you are out of luck right now. For those of you who want to play Monopoly on your phone, you can pick it up off the Android Market for around $5.33.

Developer Website: EA Mobile

Website Referenced: Eurodroid

Android Market Link: Monopoly

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