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Mediocre release the Winter update for their hit game Sprinkle

Mediocre has just announced that they have pushed out an update for the Winter season for their hit physics-based puzzle game Sprinkle. The update brings with it 12 new levels all themed around the Winter season which includes some really cool new game mechanics.

Some of the new cool mechanics that have been brought into the game include things like giant snowmen you have to knock over or icicles to knock down off a cave ceiling. If you shoot water at the proper angle, you can even make the icicles grow in size which is a really neat mechanic to bring into the game. Make a giant icicle and then knock it down.

Of course aside from all the new Winter themed mechanics that come with the 12 new levels, each new stage is wrapped up in Winter themed graphics and it’s even snowing in most of them. The update just got pushed out onto the Android Market so if you don’t see it just yet, give if a few as it needs to circulate through the market system which then needs to refresh. Definitely worth the wait though if you’re a fan of the game.

You can check out the new levels and mechanics in the trailer above. So far we believe that this update is for the normal version of Sprinkle and not the Junior one.

Developer Website: Mediocre

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