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Naoplay releases a trailer for their upcoming cross-platform multiplayer game MetroJoust

A few weeks ago we talked about a game coming from Naoplay called MetroJoust which is an interesting modern day jousting game. Naoplay has finally released a video preview for this game which shows off what the graphics will look like, some of the features and a peek at what the gameplay as well.

For those of you who missed our previous article about MetroJoust, this is a modern day jousting game with RPG elements tied into it. This game will come with cross-platform multiplayer gameplay, the ability to create guilds, lots of customization options for your character and the ability to interact with other players in-game. Technically this could end up being an MMO jousting game depending on how it evolves in the near future.

Jousting is done by riding various two-wheeled vehicles such as scooters and motorcycles, all of which can be upgraded and customized along with your character who can also level up. There is also plenty of different gear (thousands of items according to the developers) to get to help improve your jousting skills and damage. There will also be NPC people to interact with as well in-game although we are not sure as of right now if there will be any sort of questing system or if it will just be for gear purchasing.

MetroJoust is still slated for a Q1 release on iOS while Android will see it sometime in Q1/Q2 depending on how development goes. It will also be available for play through your browser as well and like we mentioned, multiplayer will be cross-platform compatible. Check out the trailer above to get an idea of how the game will look and play. You can also check out our previous post to see a bunch of the concept art and graphics coming to MetroJoust.

Developer Website: Naoplay

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