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OnLive and the Xperia Play become friends thanks to a new app on the market

OnLive doesn’t officially support the Xperia Play controls, at least not yet but thanks to a new app on the Android Market there is some good news for Xperia Play owners who wish to use the controls that come with the device. This new app is called the OnLive Helper app.

While this app will work with pretty much any phone, the point of it is to let Xperia Play owners use the control pad that comes with the device to play games on OnLive. It was released a few days ago and currently only supports two games, DIRT 3 and Lego Batman but the developer is currently working on bringing support to other titles as well. There is more good news regarding this as well and that is you do not need to have root in order to use this.


1. No Root Is Required.
2. To enable this app, you must change the Input Method Service to “OnLive Helper”
3. You can have the input method screen automatically come up when you open or close your keyboard by checking “Auto Prompt” in the options.

While the developer is currently working on bringing support to more games, you can set up custom profiles yourself as well. This is done by using the Android KeyCodes which you can find out more information on here. With that said, this is how you create a custom profile:

1. Create a txt file, name it anything (it does NOT need the .txt extension).
2. In line 1 type the keycodes you want to press.
3. In line 2 type the keycodes you want it to do. If you map a key to -1 then it will go to the third line to translate key presses until you release it.
4. In line 3 type alternate key codes.
4. Save that file to /sdcard/Android/data/
5. That “profile” will now appear in the settings.

You can find out more information regarding OnLive Helper including a sample text file on creating a custom profile and a template for it as well and future plans for the app on the official XDA Thread for it. If you are an Xperia Play owner, or want to try this out on your current Android phone (as it should work for any device), you can download it for free off the Android Market. Official OnLive Helper support for more games should be arriving soon for those of you who don’t want to make custom profiles.

Website Referenced: OnLive Fans

Android Market Link: OnLive Helper

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