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Amazon’s current list of games and apps for a dime update

You may remember back near the beginning of Google’s 10 billion downloads promotion that we reported on Amazon doing the same thing with any of the apps that happen to be on their App Store as well as the Android Market. In case you forgot though, this is a friendly reminder along with the current titles available for a dime.

It was figured out that this matching sale that Amazon is doing is more than likely because of the TOS developers sign when submitting an application or game to Amazon that states their app or game can not sell for less on the Android Market than what it is priced on the Amazon App Store. So to keep true with the TOS Amazon made developers sign, they have been lowering the price of apps and games that are on both markets down to $0.10 while they are on sale.

Here is the current list of apps and games on the Amazon App Store for only a dime:

  • Super KO Boxing 2 by Glu Mobile
  • Blow up by Camel Games
  • All By Myself – Little Critter by Oceanhouse Media
  • Snowfall Live Wallpaper by Kittehface Software
  • Sketchbook Mobile by Autodesk Inc
  • Doodle Jump by Real Networks
  • SoundHound Infinity by SoundHound Inc
  • Color & Draw for Kids: Tablet Edition by TipTap
  • FlightTrack by Mobiata
  • When I Get Bigger – Little Critter by OceanHouse Media
  • Flight Control by Namco Bandai Games
  • Roll in the Hole by EA
  • Block Breaker 3 Unlimited (Kindle Fire Edition) by Gameloft
  • Where’s My Water? by Disney
  • Shazam Encore by Shazam Entertainment


That is the complete current list of games and applications available on the Amazon App Store for $0.10. Of course you need to have access to the Amazon App Store to buy these. If you missed any of these on the Android Market for a dime when they were on sale, you can still get them over on Amazon right now. Instead of linking each one individually, you can just access this same list, which gets updated on a regular basis, through the link below.

Amazon Market Link: Dime Deals at Amazon

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