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Kemco bringing another retro-style RPG to Android called Grinsia

Kemco may or may not be a name you recognize right away. If you happen to not recognize it you may remember some of their retro-style RPG titles on Android such as Eve of the Genesis. Well Kemco is gearing up to release a new retro RPG title called Grinsia and it will be available on the market by the end of this month.

Grinsia is Kemco’s newest game and they have tried to go deeper with the details than their previous titles which happen to be pretty detailed as they are. One rather cool sounding feature is that the facial expressions of the character react to the events around them. Depending on the type of event, the facial expression of the character will reflect their feelings on it. So if something sad happens, the characters will look sad and so on.

Also all the characters in villages and the monsters in the world will react differently depending on whether it is day or night which makes this a very multi-level game. By that I mean you may end up needing to talk to someone at night and not during the day to complete a quests so there is that added dynamic.

If you’ve played any sort of retro RPG than you will be familiar with all that comes with Grinsia including the combat system, leveling and all that good stuff. There, of course, is plenty of gear to get whether buying it or picking it up from battles and skills to upgrade and learn. Grinsia will also come with Open Feint support bringing achievements into the mix as well.

Grinsia is due out by the end of this month (December) although no exact date or pricing has been revealed just yet. You can, however, satisfy your retro RPG needs by watching the official trailer below.

Developer Website: Kemco

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