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Pancakes by Flowerpot games brings some casual fun to the day

Today’s news has been all about a lot of hardcore type games and big named companies for the most part. Another game that has just been released today is a bit more of a casual fun title to play called Pancakes!!! by Flowerpot Games.

Pancakes!!! is a simple game where you have to catch ingredients and pancakes that the chef tosses up into the air until you fullfill a customers order. It’s a stacking game so you will have to catch all the ingredients on one plate and when you satisfy the order requirements you will move onto the next order. There also is an ‘All You Can Eat’ challenge rounds where you just keep stacking up ingredients as high as you can, for as long as you can, until you end up catching a burnt pancake. The higher you collect, the bigger your score.

Pancakes!!! Features:

– Over 200 levels
– Over 10 different toppings
– Entertaining gameplay and graphics
– Simply pick up and play type of game


This is a fun game to play whenever you have some time to kill whether it’s between the beat downs in GTA3 or you just have a few minutes of spare time. Pancakes!!! comes in two flavors on the Android Market, a free demo to try out and a full version to buy for $1.99.

Definitely worth checking out if you are into the more casual but fun type of games. Speaking of checking out, you can check out the trailer for Pancakes!!! in the video below

Developer Website: Flowerpot Games

Android Market Link: Pancakes!!!

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