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Machineworks Northwest puts Duke Nukem 3D free for a couple of days

In a short but sweet sale Machineworks Northwest has decided to put Duke Nukem 3D on sale for the low price of free for a couple of days. Although, as from our understanding of the Android Market, you are not supposed to be able to drop the price to free before raising it back up but a lot of developers seem to be doing it lately.

Either way, whether it has been changed so developers can do this sort of sale now or not, the official Duke Nukem 3D game is available for free on the Android Market. It actually is not 100% free though as you still only get the one episode when you download the game, the additional episodes (number 2 and 3) are still available as an in-app purchase for $0.99. The first episode you get is the same as the first level that also was free with the original PC version of the game.

Still, you can’t complain about something that is free, even if it is only partially free. Duke Nukem 3D for Android is still a pretty good game for mobile and it is a direct port over from the PC version, retro graphics, strippers and all that good stuff but with touchscreen controls now. If you are up for a little retro gaming and have been wanting to nab this title up, now is as good of a time as any.

Website Referenced: Android Community

Android Market Link: Duke Nukem 3D

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