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Be a god and bring down the wrath of the heavens in Babel Rising

Nothing brings the true meaning of the holidays to life except for when you play as a god and bring the wrath of the heaven down onto your tiny creatures so they know how small they really are. This is exactly what you can do in a new game from Bulkypix called Babel Rising.

In Babel Rising you are a god and as such you sit in the heavens looking down on the creatures of your world only to find that they are building a tower to come up there, possibly to chill and have a coffee with you. That, to you, is unacceptable and as such it is your job to smite them, smite them all with lightening, fire and all sorts of fun stuff.

Babel Rising Features:

• Six devastating powers at your disposal, including the thunderbolt, the typhoon and earthquake!
• Hilarious animations, detailed graphics and a soundtrack worthy of the best Roman Empire movies in a humorous setting.
• Addictive, unlimited and challenging gameplay
• Open Feint social platform

With these little creatures trying to build a tower to come up to where you are and hang out, it is your job to smite them and using all these rather fun natural disasters at your disposal, prevent them from building the tower and reaching you. If they do then how much of a god can you be? I mean really…

If you are up for a little mayhem and destruction this holiday season then you might want to check Babel Rising,/em> out. You can download it off the Android Market for $1.99 and get to smiting your puny followers. Check the video out below to see the game in action.

Developer Website: Bulkypix

Android Market Link: Babel Rising

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