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Christmas Countdown Giveaway Winners list. Be sure to claim your prize.

So with all the giveaways on different media that we are holding, we decided that a formal list of winner would be helpful which we will update each day when someone wins a prize. Each person has 24 hours to contact us via email to claim their prize.

If someone doesn’t claim their prize within 24 hours we will draw someone else from that day’s entries and give it to them so be sure to email us at 702records [at] gmail [dot] com and send us your shipping information (address, name, etc etc) so we can send you your prize and mark it as claimed in the list below.

Winner Circle:

Day 1 – Galaxy 10.1 Tablet: Liam Vain Claimed

Day 2 –  Galaxy 8.9 Tablet: Shawn McFadden Claimed

Day 3 – Sony S Tablet and Cradle: Aidan Bree Claimed

Day 4 – Galaxy 8.9 Tablet: Jason Denham Claimed

Day 5 – Acer Iconia Tablet: Brian Ogrisek Claimed

Good luck to everyone and hopefully everyone has a great Christmas either way! We have plenty more giveaways coming up as well aside from this Christmas Countdown one in the new year so keep your eyes open, we are sneaky like that.

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