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More OnLive news: a new free game, discounts and a contest

Well OnLive seems to be making a lot of news over the past couple of days whether it’s regarding their possible pricing structure change in the near future for all upcoming games or adding full Xperia Play support which landed this morning. OnLive has switched the free game you get when you download the OnLive app, put a bunch of games on sale and are holding a gaming contest.

Free Stuff!

When you originally downloaded and installed the OnLive app, you received a free game called LEGO Batman to play. Well that special little promo has ended but instead of leaving it that way OnLive has started a new one by offering up a new free game called Defense Grid Gold for free if you download and install OnLive on your Android device. Defense Grid Gold is a pretty solid and good looking tower defense game which you can check out in the video below.

If you plan to take advantage of this offer then you should probably do so soon as it ends Dec. 25th.


OnLive is also now hosting an interesting little gaming contest called Three-for-all which sounded like a sale at first more than a contest. There are three games to play: Saints Row: The Third, Borderlands and Super Street Fighter IV. There are two ways to win prizes which includes a trip to Las Vegas. The first game is Super Street Fighter IV which runs from Dec. 23rd-Jan. 1st. The other two games will have other prizes and run on Dec. 30th for Borderlands and Dec. 31st for Saints Row: The Third.

1) Play for three or more hours

– Grand Prize (2): Trip to Las Vegas during the EVO Championships
– Runner Up (4): An official Super Street Fighter IV Fightstick Tournament Edition signed by producer Yoshinori Ono.

2) Play the free trial

– Grand Prize (10): Super Street Fighter IV Fightstick
– Runner Up (50): 95% off code for the full game

If you are going “Hey but these games need game controllers!” then my answer to you is if you have a couple of Android devices then use DroidMote to make one of them a game controller like in this example of Batman Arkham on OnLive. For all the contest details head on over to the official contest page.

Discounts on Games

Last but not least OnLive has started putting some games up for sale at up to 66% off the regular price. Of course you’ll need to do the whole DroidMote thing to really play them until they get touchscreen controls. Here are some of the more notable titles on sale:

– Deus Ex: Human Revolution – 66% off
– Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition – 50% off
– L.A. Noire – 50%

If you happen to be an OnLive Playpack subscriber you can take an additional 30% off of those already discounted prices. That is a pretty nice deal. L.A. Noire from Rockstar Games will be receiving touchscreen controls soon as well.

Thanks to Ottenjr for the heads up about the contest.

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