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Two new games land on the market exclusive to the Xperia Play

Two new games have arrived in the past couple of days exclusive to the Xperia Play called Experiment 13 and Fight Game: Heroes. Experiment 13 is actually developed and published by Sony Ericsson themselves while Fight Game: Heroes is from a studio called Fight Game Interactive.

Experiment 13

Experiment 13 is a physics-based puzzle game from Sony Ericsson where you have to use gravity in various ways in order to solve each stage. You will be playing as Roy Tate who has somehow managed to warp himself to another dimension. In this new dimension he has to solve a bunch of puzzle, avoid traps and dodge monsters, all of which will kill him and probably eat him as a mid-day snack.

You will be running, jumping, climbing and flipping gravity in each stage in order to collect orbs which, when you have them all, will open the exit for you to use to get to the next stage. There are a total of 40 stages that get progressively more challenging. You can download Experiment 13 for your Xperia Play for free off the Android Market.

Fight Game: Heroes

The generically named Fight Game: Heroes is also now available on the Android Market for the Xperia Play. This is a 3D fighting game which takes you outside of the ring and into the back alleys and grungy bars to duke it out with other street fighters.

This game comes with two different game modes, Career Mode where you will duke it out to try and make your way to the top as the best fighter around. The other game mode, or competitive game modes as they have it plural in the description, has you try to beat your friends and foes in just straight up fist fights. This game is also available for free off the Android Market for Xperia Play owners

Thanks to ShadowOfAnAndroid for the heads up!

Android Market Links: Experiment 13 | Fight Game: Heroes

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