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Hit Bollywood movie, Don 2, arrives on Android as a game

Gameshastra has released a game based of the hit Bollywood movie called Don 2. This particular game is about taking over the underworld over in Europe but to do that your character has to defeat all the current bosses of the underworld over there.

Now if you are a fan of Bollywood, or this particular movie, wait a minute before rushing over to the Android Market so you can download this game. Currently being offered is a free Lite version which features some gameplay where you shoot a turret and mow down a bunch of people. Of course this is always fun to do but it is just that and no more. The full game is due out soon according to the developers although no exact date has been mentioned.

The game itself is a third-person action/shooter game that, when completed, will apparently be 6 chapters long. It is sort of like a Grand Theft Auto type of game but more geared towards the general criminal underground and smuggling than actual car theft.

Still, if you want to check this game out just to see what is in store for the full version you can do so for free by downloading this Lite version of Don 2. Hopefully the full version will be a much bigger game with all the chapters. From what we can see and play in the Lite version, it looks like it will be a pretty decent game.

Developer Website: Gameshastra

Android Market Link: Don 2: The Game

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