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Sprinkle Game Review – Putting out fires to save your blob friends

This cool puzzle game has been out for some time but now that I got an ASUS Transformer, I get to play this and many other awesome Tegra based games!Don’t worry though if you don’t have a Tegra 2 device though, it’s also available for non-Tegra devices too.

Title: Sprinkle | Developer: Mediocre | Genre: Brain & Puzzle | Players: 1 | Version: 1.7 | Size: 25 MB | Price: $1.99 |

Sprinkle is a fun physics-based puzzler. Your job is drive in with the fire truck and put out the fire to save the…not sure what they are..the blob people? Currently there are 3 versions of the game:

Full Version: Sprinkle
The full version comes with 5 worlds and 60 levels. Costs $1.99 to buy.


Demo Version: Sprinkle Free
The demo version comes with 2 worlds and 6 levels each.

Kids Version: Sprinkle Junior
The kids version is more about having fun than the kids trying to solve puzzles. It comes with 22 levels. Also costs $1.99 to purchase.

No matter which version you play-you will have a lot of fun. The graphics and sounds are wonderful on the game. Each level starts out with a couple of small fires going. You need to dowse the fire with the hose before the nearby houses are destroyed. Sounds simple right? Well you only have so much water in the tank so when the water is gone, you are toast!

You can adjust the height of water cannon and the angle. Many times are are going to be obstacles in your way. You will use the water to move the objects and put out the fires, but again you only have so much water so you have be smart in how you do it.

When you finish a level you will be awarded water droplets, these are to show how well you have done in that level. The most you can earn are 5. I have gotten 5 on a few levels but practice makes perfect.  In the full version, you will need to complete the levels in order, unlocking the next levels as you progress. Those little fire takes some time to put out! Many times I thought I had the fire out, the next thing I know the nearby house is in flames. Very frustrating but addicting. Some of the levels look impossible at first but their is a solution.

Overall this is a great puzzle game. With a demo version available, there is no reason not to try it. I have not tried the junior version, as my kids are a bit older and like solving puzzles. Not sure what else I can say about Sprinkle. Saving small blue and purple blob “people” from fire, while a catchy tune is playing in the background, in a bright fun environments, all on Android tablet…a definite hit!


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