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Sony S Tablet get discounted again, gets another $100 shaved off.

Looking for a reason to plunk down for a $400 to officially play Playstation games? You’re in luck as Sony slashed a cool $100 permanently off its curiously shaped “unique asymmetric design” Tablet S. This is the second discount in a matter of weeks for the Sony S tablet.

Following hot in the heels of their $50 discount a few weeks back and the release of Playstation controller support, Sony announced over their twitter account that both the 16 and 32 GB model will receive the single Benjamin price cuts. If that’s not enough to reel you in, Sony is throwing in 5 classic Playstation games for you to quickly jump into some late 90’s gaming. Still not enticing enough? Sony is also adding 180 days of music and five movie rentals through its Video Unlimited service. Additionally, Sony also reassured users that the tablet will see some Ice Cream Sandwich action in the upcoming months.

The Playstation Certified Honeycomb tablet comes with the Playstation Suite app that lets users download new titles. Sony promised gamers that their Playstation Suite app will get regular updates with new PS1 and PSP titles. Sadly, the lack of HDMI ports makes the tablet short of becoming a mobile console. However, for those gamers looking for a tablet with a different form factor and backed up by Sony games, look no further.

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