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Owners of devices with Android 4.0 seeing a different Adventure with TinTin

Usually when you get a new piece of technology or one that is updated at least in terms of software, you don’t expect to witness a regression in quality when it comes to playing games or using apps. Unfortunately though it seems as though owners of Android devices sporting the new Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) are experiencing just that.

According to Electronista, users running Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) are getting a weird retro version of Gameloft’s Adventure of TinTin game while others receive the normal 3D high quality graphical version. This has led to a lot of people claiming Gameloft has pulled a bait-and-switch move on them, advertising that the game would be complete with the high quality HD graphics and instead receiving the a retro looking version of the game that looks like it has “Gameboy Color 2D pixelated” graphics.

3D HD Version on non-Android 4.0 phones

This weird issue is being applied to any device that is running Android 4.0 which is the Galaxy Nexus as well as users who have updated their OS who own the Nexus S and even some HTC flyer and Xperia X10 owners. One thing to note is that at the bottom of the description there is a disclaimer that “graphics and content of the game may vary according to the phone model” although I would be hard pressed to think the difference would be that big.

Android 4.0 “Retro” version

Whatever the case may be it is angering a lot of Ice Cream Sandwich users who either paid full price or snagged the game for $0.99 (which is the sale price right now) expecting an HD game and getting a retro one that looks like a Java port.

Website Referenced: Electronista

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