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Red Light, Green Light – Two Traffic Control Games for Android reviewed

Traffic Control games have been around for some time. In general these games are fun, fast, and potentially frustrating games. You can’t just sit back and relax. In today’s review, we will be comparing two new Traffic Control Games: Car Conductor: Traffic Control from DroidHen and Train Conductor 2 USA from Voxel Agents.

Now there are probably other games on the market but these are the ones that I have enjoyed. If there are some others, et us know in the comments below.

Title: Car Conductor: Traffic Control | Developer: Droidhen Casual | Genre: Racing | Players: 1 | Version: 1.1.5 | Size: 7 MB | Price: Free |

Car Conductor: Traffic Control is a very good game. The game is free but ad supported. The graphics are good, the game interface is simple and easy to follow.

There are 2 modes to play:

Classic — you will need to guide the cars to the proper destination in limited time. I believe there are 12 levels in each location you will need to complete before moving on.
Challenge — you will try to score as much as you can 3 minutes. To access this mode, you have to finish the classic mode with full stars.

The cars will have numbers on top of them to indicate which lane they belong in. To switch lanes, you simple put your finger on the car and swipe it to the lane you want it to be.  Of course the challenge is to make sure the cars/trucks do not run into each other. You can also stop cars by tapping on them. Tap again to restart.

At the bottom of the screen, there is a “fuel” gauge which counts down the time for each level. The number of lanes vary per location but are usually 4-5.  If a car/truck does not go in the right lane, you will lose points but the game only stops when cars collide.

Overall I like the game, it is simple, sweet, and to the point. As it is a free game, you really can’t lose. I did not find the ad placement really hurting the game at all.

Title: Train Conductor 2 | Developer: The Voxel Agents | Genre: Brain & Puzzle | Players: 1 | Version: 1.0.3 | Size: 20 MB | Price: Free / $1.99 |

Train Conductor 2 has been a very popular game for iOS and recently made its way to Android. The game comes in 2 versions, free or full. Overall the graphics are excellent, the background music is not overpowering, and the amount of details is fantastic.

There is a lot of variety of game play in this game. There are two modes in this game:

Classic–where you need to direct the trains to the proper track. To unlock the next location, you will be told how many more trains you will need to successfully direct.
Challenge–once you have either unlock all locations or have all golden track in a certain location, you will have access to this game play.

Game controls are the same as in Car Conductor: Traffic Control. You only lose when trains collide and you lose points when trains do not go to the correct lane.

There are 8 US cities/locations that you will need to direct trains in. Each has an unique layout (number of tracks, numbering system, colors, types of trains, and rules on how train run. There is a lot to this game and each level does present a different type of challenge. New York for example has 5 tracks, some of numbered, some are lettered, and they are color coded! It took me a while finish this level, and I grew up in New York too! Trains come at you from both sides of the screen and if you watch the lights carefully you will get some warning.

The game is very addicting and fun to play. The thing I really enjoy about the game is that each level is very different from the others, thus increasing the challenge. You can connect to the game via Facebook or Twitter to show friends your scores and there international, weekly, and friends leader boards.  There is no multi-player mode on the game.

If I had to pick between the two, I would definitely recommend Train Conductor 2. There is just a lot more to the game than simply moving cars/trains between lanes/tracks. It is the complexity of the game that I like. Game play for either one is limited. Once you unlock all levels and complete the challenges, all you will have left is working on the leader boards. Do not get me wrong, there is a lot of game play and will provide numerous hours of fun but I would not call these games “unlimited.”

So if you like this type of fast-paced puzzle game, you won’t go wrong with either, but Train Conductor 2 does provides for more challenging and varied game play.

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