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The Android Game of the Year for 2011 is… (Drum roll please!)

We’ve had the poll up for days now and the results are in! Before we go on, I’d like to state that 2011 was officially the best year in mobile gaming. Despite its ups and downs , we’ve finally reach the first step in quality gaming with caliber titles such as Modern Combat 3, Riptide GP and Dead Space.

These titles packed mind boggling graphics and story lines that are a step above from what we’re usually used to. The always mentioned Tegra 2 brought hard hitting titles that delivered console quality in your pocket. Yet casual games continue to dominate. As seen by Angry Birds receiving regular updates and long awaited titles Cut the Rope and Plants vs. Zombie finally made its debut on Android. So without further ado, let’s take a look at the top titles you voted for as the DroidGamer’s, Game of the Year.

#5 Dead Space

Although EA first released Dead Space exclusively for Sony’s Xperia Play and Amazon’s Kindle Fire, this however did not stop motivated gamers to port the games on unauthorized devices and with good reasons. Dead Space is an entirely unique experience that truly captures its console brethren. The controls translated well on the dreaded touch screen and the unique story line added to the Dead Space lore.

EA Game’s Dead Space was finally released and available for the masses to enjoy this past December but take that with a grain of salt. Since then we’ve been enjoying its pulse pumping gameplay. So it’s no surprise that it made our top five graphically awesome games.

#4 Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope tasks you of feeding ‘Om Nom’, an adorable large eyed neon green monster whose addiction for candy would make any dental clinic profitable. Taking cues from Fruit Ninja, you’ll be slicing across the screen to cut the rope which has the candy dangling on one end and into the creatures eagerly waiting mouth. It sounds simple enough, but the difficulty slowly ramps up as bubbles, candy transfers, bellows and gravity are introduced.

Crucial timing here is the key, and you’ll find yourself constantly challenged as the level progresses. Despite allowing you to skip difficult levels, Cut the Rope gives you the ultimate satisfaction in finally passing the level with 3 stars. This brain taxing game proves that shiny graphics and processors have no meaning unless it has the main ingredient – gameplay.

#3 Modern Combat 3

We’ve covered every inch of Modern Combat 3, and still continue to play it on our daily commute. Modern Combat freely emulates Modern Warfare, shamelessly in almost every aspect, that I am still surprised Activision has yet to file a court order. We’ve yet to hear complaints from gamers though, as Modern Combat 3 delivers the same adrenaline fps action. To top it off, Modern Combat 3 has a robust multiplayer mode that again, greatly mimics the console version and places it in your pocket.

Despite the myriad of server issues and occasional online cheaters, Gameloft’s Modern Combat 3 easily earns the crown as the best first person shooter on any device. Fps heaven for Android gamers has arrived.

#2 Shadowgun

Shadowgun was announced back in May showcasing next gen graphics and bringing gamers to their knees. Shadowgun was one of the few to bring the inevitable to mobiles: great graphics with quality gameplay. Taking a page from Gears of War, Shadowgun brought the tried and true shoot and cover mechanics that made the Xbox game a hit. With realistic graphics and great gameplay, Shadowgun showcased the possibility of mobile games.

Madfinger Games didn’t stop there however, not content with just providing the game for Tegra devices, released a compatible version for most Android devices. Developers take notes: Not only did Madfinger Games announce a multiplayer addition, along with an expansion for free (iOS for now), they natively support gamepads. Touchscreen frustration is a thing of the past. It comes as a little surprise then that Madfinger games is a ‘Top Developer’ on the Market and that Shadowgun as our runner up for game of the year.

#1 Grand Theft Auto III: 10 Year Anniversary Edition

It’s no surprise to see a console game voted as DroidGamers game of the year. Why develop a console -like game when you can port a beloved console game instead? Rockstar’s controversial open world, “sandbox” 3D title has finally hit your favorite mobile device. Who wouldn’t love to go on a rampage spree while in line for the bus, bank or dentist office?  Gamers eagerly awaited the game’s release and were treated to good old open world and nostalgia of great gameplay.

Those who missed out on this influential and revolutionary title will quickly enjoy what most mobile games are missing: deep and engaging story line, high resolution 3D graphics, native gamepad support, and a wide open environment for you to enjoy. Returning players will not be disappointed. Music, radio chatter, story and everything that made GTA III excellent remain unchanged. New welcome additions include fast trip, crisp high resolution upgrade, and customizable controls and all at the fraction of the price it was originally released. Liberty City lives and breathes with its citizen jousting and random fight, car accidents occur which gives the immersion of real people. Grand Theft Auto III embodies quality game, and despite minor additions, still holds up today and possibility in the future.

The fun doesn’t stop there.  If you’ve been keeping up with DroidGamers, you’ve found that Grand Theft Auto III is as customizable as its PC version, allowing you to add like cars and even increase the resolution and add lighting and shadows. Rockstar has even hinted at the possibility of releasing Vice City and San Andreas. For now though, we’ll keep cruising the streets of Liberty City with Grand Theft Auto as DroidGamers 2011, Game of the Year.

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