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Rumor: Google’s upcoming tablet will be 7″, running Android 4.0 and priced at less than $200

We usually don’t make it a habit to post about rumors or what ‘sources say’ most of the time but when it comes to the idea of a Google branded tablet (think Nexus tablet), we can’t help but get a little excited at the thought of one. It would be about damn time too that Google made one.

Recently Eric Schmidt, Google’s former CEO, reported that Google was developing a high-end tablet which would launch this year. Obviously everyone will throw the Nexus brand onto that particular device even though it may not be one. That’s because generally anything like this that Google supports has the Nexus name tacked on every time so why would this be different?

Still, when it comes to the rumored tablets, sources close to Google are saying it will be a 7″ tablet that will be running Android 4.0 (duh) and will be priced at less than $199. This is to compete with the Kindle Fire which apparently is the target competition for this upcoming tablet. This totally puts the iPad aside as any sort of competition which, to be honest, makes me chuckle a little inside. The question now is, what hardware is going to come with this tablet where it can be priced like that?

The same sources are also citing a March-April 2012 release date which is not too far off. We should start seeing specs leaking out in the very near future if that is the case. As always though with ‘sources’, take this all with a grain of salt. Considering the release time line, we could end up seeing something solid at CES or Mobile World Congress 2012.

Website Referenced: Digitimes

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