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[CES2012] FAVI Entertainment reveals tthe first Android pocket projector, the A3-WiFi

Every year we get rather unique gadgets that end up running Android. Last year during CES 2011, one of those unique devices happen to be a headset with a built-in touchscreen that ran Android. This year we already have one new gadget to talk about which is the A3-Wifi from FAVI Entertainment.

This is apparently the first pico pocket projector to run Android and is actually a nifty little gadget which also comes with an integrated mouse. While you might think this is just another gimmicky device, and you may be right, it actually packs in a lot of features.

The A3-Wifi comes with Google Chrome browser, Wifi-ready (obviously), runs a version of the Android OS (although we don’t know which one specifically yet), and comes with a plethora of connections. In fact you can pretty much connect anything you want to it as it has ports for 1 x Headphone, 1 x Power (12V), 1 x Mini USB, 1 x Micro SD Card Reader, 1 x VGA / AV (RGB), 1 x USB. It also can connect to pretty much any device including iOS devices, Android phones and tablets, Desktop computers, laptops, TVs and more.

It also comes with 2GB of internal memory with expandable memory up to 32GB, runs at 800×600 resolution and 1000:1 contrast ratio natively, and has a built-in media player running 16:9 or 4:3 ratios. This unique little gadget will, however, set you back $374.00. You can check out the official product page for additional information and if we see this little guy running around CES, we will be sure to fondle it for you.

Developer Website: FAVI Entertainment

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