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Minecraft: Pocket Edition update scheduled for Feb. 8th, gearing up for Survival mode

Mojang has released some news regarding the next update that will be making it’s way to Minecraft: Pocket Edition soon. Slated for release (tentatively) on February 8th, 2012, this update will bring changes to the back-end to prepare it for Survival Mode, something everyone has been waiting for.

While the update won’t actually bring any Survival mode elements into the game, it will be getting the back-end ready for when it does get released. Basically it will be setting the foundation for an upcoming update after this one which will bring Survival mode to Minecraft: Pocket Edition. Crafting may end up coming in the future Survival mode update but it won’t be in this one as the UI needs to be redesigned for it.

Aside from the back-end changes, the update will also be bringing some “neat looking blocks and new animals”. Also fences and doors will arrive when the update lands as well. So it seems like we are finally getting close to having Survival mode in some fashion for Minecraft: Pocket Edition.

Website Referenced: Mojang via Joystiq

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