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[CES2012] A quick look at the upcoming Lenovo Intel Android tablet

One of the first items we walked right into when the doors open yesterday was the Intel booth and there they had a prototype of their upcoming Intel Android tablet. Coming from Lenovo, this particular tablet will be running Ice Cream Sandwich when it is released.

Intel also had a Honeycomb-based model for viewing as well but considering that Ice Cream Sandwich will be the main OS when it is released, we decided to film a bit of a hands-on preview of the device. Even though this is an Ice Cream Sandwich tablets, it does feature a custom user interface which doesn’t look too bad but purists will probably not like it. It does have an interesting app tray that comes up from the bottom to display your applications in a bit of a shortcut style. It does come with a full app tray like normal though should you want to use it.

The Lenovo tablet will come with the Medfield chip that is a single-core unit but it will be teamed up with a high powered GPU to allow for some solid gaming as well. Unfortunately there was no real idea of price given but we can expect this tablet to come out sometime during the Summer.

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