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[CES2012] Hands-on of Splashtop THD playing Skyrim on an Asus Transformer Prime

We mentioned in our recap of the nVidia press conference that they quickly showed Skyrim being played on an Asus Transformer Prime through the use of the upcoming THD version of the Splashtop Remote Desktop application which will be available specifically for Tegra-based Android devices soon.

We visited the nVidia booth to check everything out over there and one of the main things we wanted to see was how well Skyrim actually looked on the Asus Transformer Prime along with how it would play. While there are a few requirements to meet in order to get it to play and look as good as we saw at the booth, games that are not as graphically intense can be easily played with this method.

First you will need a fairly powerful PC, obviously, to even run any of the newer games like Skyrim. The more powerful the better of course. Secondly, you have to have Splashtop Remote Desktop THD and a quad-core Tegra 3 Android tablet. A Tegra 2 tablet will be able to handle it but you would see some performance issues and quality loss. If you don’t mind that then you can still do this. They also suggest you have a computer to run games like Skyrim that are GeForce-based GPUs but that, of course, is only a suggestion.

If you have a solid, newer gaming computer and a Tegra 3 Android tablet, you will be able to easily play games like Skyrim on it through Splashtop Remote Desktop THD. You can use either the keyboard and mouse combo or plug in a USB controller to play your games with. The version we saw is an early build of Splashtop THD so there were some control issues but those will be ironed out once the final version of the application is released.

You will be able to map out buttons and other controls as well to customize it to your preference. In the end the quality on the Transformer Prime was pretty impressive and Skyrim itself actually looked better on the Prime’s screen than on the HDTV is was running on in the background in the video above.

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