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[CES2012] SteelSeries to release a mobile gaming-based controller called the Ion, fits in your pocket

SteelSeries is a company that, if you haven’t heard of them before, makes a lot of gaming peripherals, a lot of which are for competitive gaming whether for professionals or just the hardcore gamer. Apparently, through licensing the technology used in the Zeemote, they have developed a wireless controller that you can use on your Android device called the Ion.

It is not a bad little controller either coming with just about all the controls you would find on a full fledged game controller for your console and PC. It comes with a D-Pad, two joysticks, four game pad buttons and two shoulder buttons (one on each side), all of which can be customized whether you are using it for your PC or mobile device. While this may be all fine and dandy, the real benefit to this new controller is the fact that it measures in roughly about the size of a deck of cards.

This makes it a rather perfect size for mobile gaming where you can just stuff the controller in your pocket when you are not playing anything. This is, as we mentioned, wireless as well so there are no cords to deal with. It uses the same sort of technology the Zeemote uses (Bluetooth) which is why you don’t have wires or even a little USB hub like other wireless controllers need like the Logitech F710. Considering the influx of games that, even though you can play using touch controls, work better with a controller, this is pretty ideal for mobile gaming since it is so compact. It also measure 18mm thick as well.

No word just yet on when exactly the SteelSeries Ion will be available although the company is quoting a Q2 or early Q3 2012 release time. No pricing has been mentioned yet either.

Developer Website: SteelSeries Ion

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