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Game Insight gearing up to launch another game on Android called Big Business

Game Insight is currently getting ready to launch another game onto the Android Market with a name that suits the company itself quite well. Called Big Business, this is a new Sim City style of game coming from the same developers who made other massively popular games on the market such as Paradise Island and Crime Story.

In Big Business you will be in charge of building and expanding your city. Of course it isn’t just about building a big city but being successful at it too, raking in million of dollar in profit. You will have all the management issues that you would get in a full Sim City type of game including having to build factories, commercial properties and, of course, housing for everyone.

Big Business Activities:

– Build your business empire, guiding its fiscal perfomance
– Purchase factories and manufacture products
– Control the production chain at each stage
– Expand your holdings
– Reach exciting goals
– Extinguish fires, and ensure the comfort and safety of your residents
– Build a metropolis and develop its infrastructure
– Manage your people
– Earn your first million

Big Business Features:

– Fast-paced business environment
– Colorful graphics and amusing animations
– Tips on business development
– Huge selection of picturesque buildings
– Immersive sound effects
– Employees work on their tasks, even while you rest
– Free to play
– No advertisements

Big Business actually will have a lot more deep gameplay then what you might expect for a mobile version of this type of game. You just don’t have to plant some properties, watch them grow and hit the happy button. You can control the production chains of buildings and their products, deal with events whether good or bad (like fires) and deal with the entire infrastructure of your city. You will have plenty of different types of buildings to choose from as well.

You won’t have to wait long to get your hands on this new offering from Game Insight either as it is slated for release at the end of this week. Big Business will be available on the Android Market as a free download.

Developer Website: Game Insight

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