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Madfinger Games Teases Shadowgun Multiplayer Screen, new weapon and playable characters

In a fashion that would do Sharon Stone proud, Madfinger Games released a photo of their upcoming multiplayer edition of their shooter for Shadowgun, Shadowgun:Dead Zone. Details are still scarce on release date, but judging from our hands-on at CES we’ve no doubt it’s around the corner. The photo also reveals a new weapon, named Phaser.

Not only does the screenshot reveal this new weapon but also gives us a look at some of the other characters we will be able to play as in the multiplayer version of Shadowgun. Until now we have only seen the game’s main character being played in multiplayer but this screenshot now shows us at least two more that will be available when released.

Android fans have been left out in the cold when Madfinger released the free add-on, The Leftover, for iOS which allowed Cole to sprint and roll along with additional gameplay. With its initial release, Dead Zone will be exclusive for Tegra 3 devices followed by iOS and all other smart phone and tablets shortly thereafter. We’ve played with the yet to be released multiplayer component at Nvidia’s booth at CES and it ran buttery smooth. With 8 characters to choose from and a number of game modes, maps, and character ranking, Shadowgun:Dead Zone can’t be released any sooner.

Source: Madfinger Games Twitter

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