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Zen Pinball THD gets another table, this time it’s Excalibur!

Continuing on with their updating and adding new tables to Zen Pinball THD, Zen Studios has released a new table to possible add to your collection, this time themed around Excalibur. As you may be guessing, this table is set in the medieval time period with plenty of fantastical creatures.

This is one of Zen Studios more popular original designs for tables. Like most of the table in Zen Pinball THD, you will have plenty of ramps, drops and all the animation you can handle in a pinball game. Your goal, if you follow the storylines of the tables Zen Studios put out, is that the Kingdom of Camelot is under attack from a variety of enemies including fire-breathing dragons, bandits, wizards and more. It is your job to save Camelot and King Arthur.

This new table is available now as an in-app purchase and will cost you $0.99 to add to your collection. If you haven’t tried out Zen Pinball THD and you own a Tegra-based Android device, you should if you like pinball games. It is available for free and comes with one free table.

Developer Website: Zen Studios

Android Market Link: Zen Pinball THD

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