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Koush developing an alternative Android Market for banned applications

If you have been in the Android scene for any amount of time then you have probably heard of CyanogenMod or ClockworkMod. Well a member of the CyanogenMod team, a rather well known member of the Android community, “Koush” has announced he is developing an alternative Android Market for banned applications.

As a member of the CyanogenMod team, and developer of ClockworkMod itself, Kousik Dutta (a.k.a Koush) has been involved in the ROM community and Android hacking in general for quite some time. He has now started up working on an alternative Android Market which will house applications that have been banned from the Android Market. Now we aren’t taking about crappy cloned games or maleware/virus riddled applications so fear not.

What will be in this new Android marketplace are applications like game emulators that have been banned, tethering apps, ROMs, one-click root applications and things of that nature every Android geek likes to play with. Before you get all excited though and rush out to find where this geek heaven is, this new alternative Android market is currently in the early stages of development so it isn’t actually ready yet. However, the idea is rather cool and one that a lot of the more tech-savvy members of the Android community will enjoy.

Website Referenced: Techcrunch

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