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Shadowgun:Deadzone will be a freemium title when released

Mobile gamers eager to get additional information on Madfinger Games’ Shadowgun multiplayer serving are in luck. In an interview with PocketGamer, Marek Rubas (co-founder), shed some light on the upcoming online frag fest (yes it will include grenades) title.

For those under the rock for the couple of months, Shadowgun is a third person shooter that brought console quality graphics and gameplay for Android and iOS devices. Initially released for Tegra 2, Shadowgun’s jaw dropping graphics quickly became a hit with gamers. With Shadowgun:Deadzone, Madfinger delivers the promised multiplayer component exclusively for Tegra 3 followed by iOS and other smart phone and tablet devices.

PocketGamer’s interview reveals the multiplayer to contain 3-4 maps, 8 customizable characters to choose from, 12 customizable weapons and additional items and gadgets. Marek Rubas also reveals that Shadowgun:Deadzone will cost you a generous amount of free:

It will be free for everybody. Of course, there has to be some monetisation, for we have to pay for dedicated servers and for the work to be carried out on new updates

This news may come as a disappointment to some. Freemium titles have slowly overtaken the Android Market with micro-transaction to unlock extra level or weapons. Companies such as Glu have dedicated their business model around free-to-play, while Gameloft has recently come under fire for releasing Dungeon Hunter 3 (iOS) as a freemium title. Companies like Vector Unit (creator of popular title Riptide) also expressed interest in dipping their toes in the market (excuse the pun).

How Madfingers games will charge their player remains to be seen. However with a stellar record of games, I doubt you’ll be charged for every bullet used and armor color changed. Expect the multiplayer version of the game to hit the Android Market soon. It will be available for Tegra-based devices first.

Full Interview: PocketGamers

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