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Monday Afternoon Humor: Kristen Schaal is back and hairier than ever

It is no secret that Sony Ericsson and Kristen Schaal work together to promote the Xperia Play and some of the games that are available for the device. Generally most of these videos are pretty funny while some border on a bit disturbing as well. After a small break it seems Kristen is back with another promo video.

while the promotional video is about the Xperia Play and Pro Evolution Soccer for the device, Kristen is promoting it by lounging on a couch, juggling a soccer ball while playing the game. There is one slight problem with this though and that is the fact she has, apparently, been juggling the soccer ball for quite some time now. How do we know this? Well judging from the rather large amount of leg hair she is sporting, it is pretty obvious. I’ll just leave this video right here for you to enjoy.

Website Referenced: Sony Ericsson YouTube

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