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Ace Attorney trilogy from Capcom coming to Android soon

Fans of Phoenix Wright and the Ace Attorney series of games have some good news today. Capcom announced that there would be an Ace Attorney 5 game and while this is great news for fans of the series, the announcement came with even better news that the first three games in the series will be coming to Android.

Ace Attorney 1, 2 and 3 will be making their way to Android soon. Capcom mentions that the three games will be coming to ‘Android devices’ so you can expect that some devices won’t be graced with this fun series of games. If you have played any of the Ace Attorney games then you already know what to expect when playing these re-releases of the first three games.

As of right now though Capcom hasn’t announced any sort of solid release date for when these games will be available for Android. We do know, however, their pricing. Ace Attorney HD games (as it will be called) will be available for $7.80 each but if you want to snap up all three of the games in a trilogy package you can do so for $15.60 which is a far better deal than buy each one seperately.

Website Referenced: Droid-Life

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