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Team6 to bring FlatOut-Stuntman to Tegra-based Android devices soon

Team6 has announced that they are bringing a version of their PC racing game FlatOut exclusively to Android. This addition to the FlatOut racing series will be called FlatOut-Stuntman and will be heading to Android Tegra-based devices soon.

FlatOut is a combat style racing game that has a rather unique feature where, when you crash, sometimes your driver is ejected from the vehicle, usually in a humorous fashion. FlatOut-Stuntman will be a game focused around that concept of ejecting your driver from your vehicle. Morbid in a way but funny as well.

When we were doing concept art for the levels we had in mind, we suddenly realized that there is not a single game we can think of that’s more fun to develop than ‘FlatOut-Stuntman’. It’s the pure essence, it has all the ingredients, of what the perfect videogame should be made of: The gameplay is entirely based upon very short levels but each of them highly additictive with a replay-value like no other game. The visuals we were able to achieve on Tegra3 are truly unbelievable and meanwhile our level design assured that gamers will be pleasantly surprised or even shocked by the possibilities in gameplay and content: There is nothing left for us to wish for what a great game should include. – Team6 CEO Ronnie Nelis

There isn’t a whole lot of details about the game just yet aside from what this title will focus on. We do know that it will be for Android Tegra-based devices. One thing to note though, Tegra 3 was the only Tegra chip mentioned in the quote above. This means FlatOut-Stuntman could be only for Tegra 3 devices but we are pretty confident that Tegra 2 devices will also be able to play the game, just on a bit more scaled down version graphically.

No word just yet on when this game will be released.

Developer Website: Team6

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