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Great iOS platformer called Tongue Tied! finally swings onto Android

Mojo Bones have just released their unique platformer called Tongue Tied! onto the Android Market. This could be considered a new type of gaming genre. We have physics-based puzzle games and now with Tongue Tied! we have a physics-based platformer as well.

Tongue Tied! has you controlling two goofy dogs who happen to have their tongues tied together. How this actually happened is unknown at this time but what we do know is that these two dogs, Mick and Ralph, are on a journey to find the mystical WonderBone.

Tongue Tied! Features:

– CARTOON VISUALS – jump straight into Mick & Ralph’s cartoon world!
– UNIQUE GAMEPLAY – a zany fusion of platforming and physics.
– BAGS OF CONTENT – 60 levels with score-based medals to earn.
– THE DOGHOUSE – 33 unique challenges with some of the most interesting unlockables you’re likely to see!
– REPLAY VALUE – a unique trick and bonus system for advanced players. Make every move count!
– FREE CONTENT – Mojo Bones will provide months of free content to every fan. Extra levels, new DogHouse challenges and more!

You will have to swing, fling, rotate, hand, swing, slingshot and more with these two dog each level to collect all the dog collar you can along the way to the end of each stage. There are also plenty of things in the way that can end their journey pretty swiftly. The dogs remind me of something right out of the Ren & Stimpy cartoon.

If you are looking for something totally different to play these days, or were a fan of the game on iOS, head over to the Android Market to give this game a try. It is available for download for $1.99. You can check the game out in action in the video below.

Developer Website: Mojo Bones

Android Market Link: Tongue Tied!

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