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Friday Afternoon Humor: Play games on your first date! [Slightly NSFW]

Asus Transformer is a great device. Sadly the Tegra 2 based tablet has been overshadowed by its more powerful and thinner brother, Prime, but it was the first to introduce the concept of netbook and tablet hybrid. Asus sold a ton of Transformers that it became almost impossible to get your hands on one. The Transformer was a great product and may have sold on word of mouth alone. Despite that, Asus attempted to market the product to everyone and it resulted in weird ways. Take for example this commercial.

Seriously wtf?

This is obviously a take on the popular TV sitcom, Big Bang Theory, but for those who has never seen the show won’t get the reference and will only be faced with mediocre acting and little about the tablet. The next advertisement gets a bit better but it sounds nothing more like that High School kid trying to desperately fit in.

I’m not the only one that feels that way, a Youtube user subbed that very same video and made a parody with hilarious results:

Slight NSFW due to language but hilarious

It seems that Asus finally learned with the following:

Good job Asus!

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