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Got a question for Gameloft? We’ve got Answers.

We’ve got fantastic news for fans of Gameloft. Resident Editor-in-Chief Andrew Huff met a number of the fine folks from Gameloft during CES 2012 and they’ve agreed to finally sit down with us and answers some of the most pressing questions.

Will there be a Backstab sequel? Will there be a drivable vehicles in Modern Combat 4? Why did my stats reset in Modern Combat 3? Why hasn’t she called back? In all seriousness, we’re inviting you, dear readers, to post in the comment section below questions that you would like Gameloft to answer. Since we have the weekend off, take your time in finding the questions that you most want answered.

We will collect all the questions on Monday Feb. 6th before talking with Gameloft. Please keep it clean and leave all profanity and shenanigans at the door. Enjoy!

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