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Build.prop Editor for rooted users now available. Edits it right on your device.

One bane of Android gamers is when a game is released and their device isn’t supported. About 90% of the time, the game in question will actually run fine on any particular device in question, it is just that for whatever reason a developer has chosen not to support that particular device. At least not that the current time you are trying to download it.

This scenario actually happens quite often whether it is from a big named developer or an indie developer and it tends to irritate people to no end. Right now the big ones seems to be the EVO 3D and the Transformer Prime when it comes to compatibility not being there for those devices with games. While the Transformer Prime makes a little sense, it is relatively new still and not everyone has one yet to develop on, the EVO 3D has been out for awhile and suffers from this as well.

One method to get a game you know works on your device ever though it is not specified as supported is to edit your Build.prop to change your device model to one that the game does support. This then allows you to download, install and play games that are labeled as not supporting the device you own. To achieve this, you have to be rooted and you could only edit your Build.prop on your computer before pushing it back onto your device.

A new app is now available for rooted users though that will let you edit your Build.prop right on your device without having to hook it up to your computer, edit it on there, then push it back onto your phone with the changes you made. It is available for Android devices running 2.2+ and, of course, require root so you can have writer permissions on the /system directory. Build.prop Editor, as the app is called, also comes with a pretty easy UI to use and a list of all the setting you can edit aside from your device model.

If you are rooted, or plan to root, and need to edit your Build.prop for whatever reason, you can nab this great new tool off of the Android Market for free. To report any bugs or feedback, just hit up the official thread.

Website Referenced: XDA

Android Market Link: Build.prop Editor

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