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Yahoo! App Store? No. It’s Yahoo Search for the Android Market

In a random act trying to stay relevant, Yahoo has added a new “Apps” category to its search bar with little to no fanfare. Unveiled last week, the search giant allows users to search from a number of apps and games from the comfort of your home.

Clicking on the desired game gives you three choices of installation: QR code, a text message with a link for future downloads, or a direct link to the Android Market. What is essentially a portal to the Android Market, Yahoo! attempts to differentiate itself with the “trending now” feature, a visual view on what other users are currently downloading to their phone. Oh, and if you own a device from a fruit company, Yahoo! can search some apps and games for you too.

Stay tuned for Facebooks announcement to join in on the fray. We can’t complain though, more exposure for developers is always a good thing.

Source: Engadget

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