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Unity and LG team up to bring a slew of Unity games to LG Smart TVs

We don’t normally cover Smart TV type of news here but this latest bit of information falls into our realm somewhat. For those of you looking to get an LG Smart TV, with or without GoogleTV, LG and Unity have announced a partnership to bring a slew of Unity3D developed games to LG Smart TV sets.

If you plan to get an LG Smart TV that comes with GoogleTV, you are pretty much set already with being able to play your favorite Unity3D made games that are available for Android. However, for the rest of their Smart TV units, Unity and LG will be providing a nice catalog of titles for play. So why should you care about this? Well for starters a lot of really great Android games are built with the Unity3D engine and will be available for play on your LG Smart TV regardless if you have GoogleTV or not.

The announcement actually mentions a couple of titles as an example of what Unity3D, and their Union store, will be bringing to LG Smart TVs. Those titles are Frisbee Forever and Madfinger Games’ Shadowgun, both of which are also available for Android devices. That certainly won’t be all though. The Union store is what Unity3D uses to offer up Unity3D games for distributors to check out and now for LG Smart TV owners to purchase games through.

There are plenty of great titles available in Union, a lot of which are on the Android Market already but there are also plenty of titles that are not available for Android. Soon you will be able to play a lot of those great Android games built with Unity3D on your LG Smart TV even if it doesn’t come with GoogleTV. Full press release below for your reading pleasure.

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Unity Games Coming to LG’s Smart TVs

San Francisco, CA – February 7, 2012 – Unity Technologies, provider of the Unity multi-platform engine and development tools, and LG, one of the world’s largest manufacturer of high quality electronics, are happy to announce that they have finalized an agreement that is the first stage of a strategic collaboration that will create mass-market demand for games on Smart TVs by bringing Unity-authored titles to LG’s 2012 line of televisions.

A leader in the development and production of TVs, LG has designed their new TVs as all-in-one multimedia systems where consumers can find a wide range of entertainment. Unity Technologies’ Union division helps developers using Unity distribute their games to new platforms. Unity, through its Union business unit, plans to make numerous games available on upcoming LG models and expects more to be available in the future.

“The television technology LG is introducing this year is very impressive and offers an incredible opportunity for the developers under the Union umbrella to reach a new market,” said David Helgason, CEO of Unity Technologies. “Our goal with Union is to create new avenues of distribution for developers using Unity, and LG smart TVs are creating a massive and new gaming audience.”

LG’s 2012 HDTV models feature the ability to play video games straight from the TV and include a new gyroscopic motion controller, called the Magic Motion Remote, and a more powerful video processor that will enable a wide variety of video games to be played without the need of a console. Union’s game catalogue provides the breadth of technology and content needed for LG TVs with games such as the dazzling third-person shooter Shadowgun and the family friendly and motion controller enabled Frisbee Forever, both of which were demonstrated at LG’s booth at CES 2012.

“Adding a huge catalog of Unity-authored titles to the line-up of games available on LG TVs will boost the incredible value that our customers receive when choosing one of our HDTV models,” said Sang-Woo Lee, Head of Content Division of LG TV. “We want our TVs to be the most comprehensive platform for entertainment on the market and having access to such an impressive array of games helps make that happen.”

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