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Gameloft putting up all of their games for sale this Valentine’s Day

It seems that there are quite a few good sales that have already started or will be starting in order to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Who knew Valentine’s Day was such a popular day to put games on sale, not that we are complaining of course.

Not one to miss an opportunity to put up a sale, Gameloft has also jumped into the mix and are putting up a sale for Valentine’s Day. While they will be putting up a ton of their iOS titles on sale, Android will ave every single title available for $0.99 including titles like Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation.

Slight NSFW due to language but hilarious

As far as we know the sale will only be during Valentine’s Day so while you are out running around getting your special someone a gift or two, you will have to nab the games you want while doing all of that. Remember, nothing says romantic like playing games on your phone during your first date like the video above demonstrates. The games on sale will be available through the Gameloft store. No word on whether or not any will be on sale on the Android Market.

Developer Website: Gameloft

Website Referenced: Gameloft

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