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Minecraft: Pocket Edition to receive exclusive features over other versions

Right now we really can’t get enough Minecraft: Pocket Edition news thanks to recent release of an update which brought an early version Survival Mode to the game. Now, after an online talk hosted by Sony Ericsson, Business Director Daniel Kaplan outlined the future plans for Minecraft: Pocket Edition.

One item that was mentioned was that the Pocket Edition is not going to eventually be a direct copy of the PC version. While a lot of the features and game mechanics will be included in the Pocket Edition, Daniel states that they will be looking at what works well and makes sense with touchscreens:

“The mission is not to copy the PC version exactly, but we are looking [to see] what stuff works great there, and what makes sense for the touch platform.” – Daniel Kaplan

The main reason for this is how Minecraft is played on PC / Console versus on mobile. People have a lot more time dedicated to playing it at home on those platforms than what they do when playing it on the go. However, plans to bring a lot of the PC version’s features over to the Pocket Edition are still being worked on. Things like deeper Survival Mode gameplay, more mobs, blocks, animals and, of course, crafting, will all be coming to the Pocket Edition soon.

Hopefully they add things like ravines, strongholds and caves, The End and The Nether, mines and other more geographical features at some point. We are also hoping that true multiplayer server software comes out as well down the road. The controls for the Pocket Edition are also being looked at for possible improvement.

The big news though was Daniel mentioning that the Pocket Edition would eventually be getting exclusive feature that won’t be in the PC or console versions. What these will actually be though is still being kept quiet for now. So it looks like Mojang has some interesting ideas in the works for Minecraft: Pocket Edition.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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