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Monday Afternoon Humor: How To Advertise Your Android Game For Maximum Profit

Android developers have it tough. Just imagine crafting what you believe to be a life changing, water parting game for Android but how do you get the game to the Android masses? If you’re developers Free Best Android App (great name) you hook them in with a video similar to the one they made which you will be graced with viewing after the break.

Pink vs Blue Promo Video

The opening credits itself challenges you to train the way these dancers competitors did, focused and determined to win the game. While a challenge like that normally does not go unaccepted, attempting for something you’ve no idea what’s it about is a bit difficult. Hopping on the Android Market for some clarification, the author presents us with this description:

They screenshots provided offer further information for those who may have trouble understanding:

So for aspiring Android developers looking to advertise their latest and greatest, look no further than fellow developer Free Android Apps 3 minutes of competitive dancing. Look at the number of happy customer:

We’re looking forward to the future release of Pink VS. Blue Pro!

Android Market Link: Pink vs Blue

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